Straighten your teeth with the most advanced clear aligners.

Meet our experienced practitioners and get on board for a modern, convenient and affordable orthodontic treatment.

Straighten your teeth with the most advanced clear aligners.

Orthlane: a journey to modern dental alignment.

Along the path to digital transformation, Orthlane drives the change and success in dental alignment care pathway. We introduce remote monitoring to deliver high-quality, affordable, and convenient patient care.
Orthlane promotes an alternative orthodontics pathway fitting your lifestyle and your budget. Show your smile!

Your new smile in 3 easy steps

Step 1
RDV chez l'ortodontiste

Meet your doctor

Take our free e-Consultation and book your appointment with a licensed practitioner to perform a comprehensive dental checkup and get your custom smile plan.
Step 2
Vos aligneurs dentaires invisibles chez vous

Get it straight

We’ll deliver your custom aligners straight to your door. Log into your online account. Our Orthlane smile team will assist you at every step to help you make your smile.
Step 3
vos dents alignés

Smiles forever

Enjoy your new smile with complete confidence. We will send you a free set of night retainers to help maintain your new smile. A dream smile, a healthy smile!

Your dream smile from only



One price covers the Orthlane orthodontic treatment, your full set of clear aligners, access to our connected platform and the digital monitoring of your treatment progress by Orthlane trusted practitioner.

To keep your new smile up forever, Orthlane includes your post-treatment night retainers for free.

Take our free e-Consultation and book an appointment with an Orthlane practitioner at only 90 €

Full refund if you don't qualify, and no commitment if you do. Guaranteed.