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Comprehensive dental check-up
90 €*
Appointment with an experienced trusted practitioner including:
- Panoramic X-ray
- Profile X-ray
- 3D Scanner or Dental impression
Design of your custom treatment plan.
* If you do not qualify, we’ll refund you, it’s risk-free!
3D Interactive Smile Preview
You'll receive a 3D preview of your dream smile showing how your teeth adjust gradually over time.
Orthlane orthodontic treatment
From 1590€
Once you are satisfied with your smile plan, you can get started by purchasing the Orthlane treatment including:
- Complete set of custom transparent aligners.
- Full access to the digital platform tools.
- Online medical support and follow-up with the practitioner.
Get your removable retainers
When you're done with your treatment, we’ll send you your free set of retainers to maintain your smile!

Transparent and affordable pricing

1590€ one-time payment
2290€ one-time payment
2590€ one-time payment

*For 12 months payment, 8.1% APR not included

Orthlane drives the change and success in dental alignment care pathway

Along the path to digital transformation, Orthlane reinvents orthodontics to deliver an alternative pathcare for dental alignment fitting all budgets and all lifestyles!
Metal bracesConventional alignersOrthlane
Insurance reimbursement
Suited in-office visits
Digital monitoring
Free retainers

Better Care
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Using digital technology, Orthlane improves the tracking of tooth movement for a safer orthodontic treatment.
No more queue or waiting time for office visits! Finally an affordable, convenient, and safe orthodontic treatment.


  • What is the Orthlane orthodontic treatment?

    Orthlane is a solution of dental alignment using invisible aligners. The Orthlane invisible caps and the dental alignment treatment plan are prescribed and supervised by an experienced practitioner. Each treatment plan is customized and developed on a case by case. Though, Orthlane treatments last in average 9 months.

    For optimal results, the Orthlane treatment requires 1 to 3 in-office visits with your practitioner. The first visit is essential to perform a comprehensive dental check-up and confirm your eligibility for the Orthlane dental alignment solution. If you qualify, you will then receive a proposal for a treatment plan and a 3D interactive preview of the expected final result/smile.

    If you are satisfied with your treatment plan proposal, you will sign into your online personal account. We will send to your doorstep your full set of transparent aligners developed according to the treatment plan defined by your practitioner. By logging into your personal account, you will interact with your smile support team. Your practitioner will be able to follow your dental alignment progress and ensure that it runs smoothly.

  • Does Orthlane refund my first check-up visit if I do not qualify?

    The first appointment with an Orthlane experienced practitioner costs 90 €. These costs are eligible for reimbursement by Social Security and health insurance plans.
    During this visit, your practitioner will validate your eligibility for the Orthlane treatment. He will perform a comprehensive dental check-up. This check-up includes a panoramic X-ray, a profile X-ray and a 3D scanner / dental impression.

  • How much does the Orthlane orthodontic treatment cost?

    If your practitioner decides at the end of your first visit that you are not eligible for treatment, Orthlane will refund you.
    The visit fees are eligible for reimbursement by Social Security and health insurance plans. Orthlane will refund then the differential so that your visit will be 100% free, in case of non-eligibility.

  • How much does the Orthlane orthodontic treatment cost?

    The Orthlane treatment with invisible aligners costs 1590 €. This price covers a complete set of transparent, custom-made and medical grade dental aligners.
    Each pair of Orthlane invisible aligners treats both arches and aims to shift gradually the teeth towards their final position prescribed by the practitioner. The number of transparent aligners/steps depends on the orthodontic treatment plan established by your practitioner.

  • When should I pay for my Orthlane treatment ?

    You will be setting the practitioner fees of the first in-office dental check-up during the booking process.
    If the practitioner confirms your eligibility for treatment, Orthlane will send you a 3D dental interactive model of your corrected dentition and suggest you to order your clear caps. If you are satisfied with the treatment plan, you can approve it and proceed with the payment of the Orthlane treatment.

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